• Our Services

    Centennial Towers offers a variety of telecommunications-related services which cater to the needs of wireless operators, among which are:

    Built-to-Suit Development

    Centennial offers wireless operators a team of dedicated and qualified people who are focused on delivering optimal site solutions by unlocking great locations with speed, safety, security, and at a reasonable cost. Our in-house experts work in conjunction with various suppliers to perform site analysis and acquisition, zoning and permitting, construction management and oversight of equipment installation.

    Collocation Opportunities

    With almost 1,500 owned and operated sites, designed to accommodate multiple operators, and industry-leading knowledge of our inventory, Centennial provides leasing in a fast and efficient manner enabling wireless operators to accelerate deployments for reaching new customers or improving the service for existing ones, and saving on time-to-market and capital costs. We pride ourselves on quick turnaround times from site interest to equipment optimization.

    Leasing Services

    Centennial provides a simple application process to lease space on our sites. Our lease processing and operations teams have significant knowledge of our sites, excellent proprietary systems to place equipment at heights required and space inside the compounds, and a tracking method to ensure rapid collocation.

    Other Site Solutions

    Centennial remains flexible to provide the right site solutions to wireless operators. We develop, own and operate towers, rooftops, in-building systems, small cells and distributed antenna systems in the markets we serve.